Online classes solfège and music dictation

Information and how to register

Posted by Mohsen Karbassi on October 20, 2022

If you are interested in taking part in group classes for learning notation and music dictation, please enter your information in this form.
Class objective:
First, we take a look at the notes in the treble clef and practice the names of the notes.
After that, most of the sessions are related to learning rhythms. The goal is that after completing this course, when you hear the melody of a song, you will be able to write the notes of that piece yourself (in terms of rhythm and note).
How to hold classes:
Through the Zoom application
Depending on the group - one hour - evenings
Number of sessions:
10 sessions
Number of students in each class:
15 to 20 people
90 (ninety) Euros for 10 sessions

Explanation language in class:
Persian (Farsi)
Mohsen Karbasi